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This Page contains Low Vision and Blindness related sources and resources such as organizations, agencies, vendors, and individual's web page which are an additional wealth of information.


Able Data (huge product and resource list)


All About The Eye

ALVA product catalog

American Blind Skiing Foundation
American Council of the Blind
American Foundation for the Blind web page
American Macular Degeneration Foundation
American Printing House for the Blind, Inc

Apple Computer New System for Schools 2002

Artic Technology Speech Output Products


Blind Computer Users Group of New York City

Blindness Related Email Lists
Braille Repair by Ackley Appliance Service
Camera Obscura (resources)
Cathy's Newsstand (AKA ATI)
Chat Live with Voice access via "For the People"
Columbia Lighthouse (Washington, D.C.)
Council of Citizens With Low Vision International
CTECH:  Electronic Products
Diabetic Foundation
Disabilities News Groups
Descriptive Video Services

Dolphin Technologies (Super Nova)

Duxbury Systems, Home of Duxbury Braille Tran

Empowerment Zone

ESI Educational Software Institute

EVAS:  Electronic Products
EyeNet: American Academy of Ophthalmology
Glaucoma Foundation

GW MIcro:   Maker of WinEyes and Vocal Eyes Screen Readers

Hadley School for the Blind (Distance Learning Courses)

HumanWare, Inc. ...the link between technology and users

Independent Living Aids (Products for Low vision and blind)

Innovations, Inc.--- Source of the Magni-Cam.

Iowa Department For the Blind - Windows Project
Jewish Braille Institute
Kentucky Department for the Blind
Kurzweil 1000
Lighthouse International, New York
List of Email Groups Relating to Visual Impairments
Low Vision Research Group

LS & S Group (product sales)

Magnification Home Page

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

MaxiAids (products for low vision and blind)

Microsoft Accessibility Page

Mississippi State I and R

National Braille Press
National Eye Institute

National Federation of the Blind

National Industries for the Blind

NLS. (National Library Services for the Blind

National Organization for Albinism and Hypo pigmentation

National Royal Institute for the Blind- Inc.

New Jersey Commission For the Blind

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative.

Optic Nerve Diseases: 

Optek Systems for people who are disabled, bl.

Optelec (products)
OPTIONS:  Keyboards
Oregon Commission For the Blind
Overbrook School for the Blind
Pulse Data (AKA Humanware) Products

Real Audio Player Free Download

Retinopathy Organization
Rehab Mart:  Products

Resources for Parents and Teachers of Blind Kids

Royal National Institute For the Blind: 

Screen Magnifier Home Page

Speak to Me Catalog:  Products that talk

Tack-Tiles: Braille system

Talking Presents
Talking SignsŪ


Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Trace R& D Center.
Visions Rehab Services, New York

V. I. Guide Home Page, for parents and teachers

Vision Within and Without

VoiceMate:   Parrot Alternative Products

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