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Tutorials, How to, and more

Power Point Course

Power Point Barnard

Extensive List of Power Point Tutorials  

Excel MS

Excel Tutorial

Internet Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide To Excel

Beginners Guide TO Access

Active Desktop

Beginners Guide TO Word

About NotePad
Accessing Disk Tools
Add a Background to a Folder
Add a Screensaver
Add a To-Do List to the Desktop
Add Display Icon to Taskbar
Add Fonts
Add Shortcuts to the Desktop
Adding to the Start Menu
Arrange Icons
Auto Hide the Taskbar
Automatically Add Date and Time Stamps

Beginners Guide List

Backing Up the Windows Registry

Browse from the Run Window

Change Printer Settings

Change System Icons

Change the Color Palette

Change the Color Scheme

Change the Size of the Scroll Bar

Changing Folder Options

Changing Graphic Settings

Closing Locked-Up Programs

Closing Several Programs at Once

Computer Terms

Copy a Floppy Disk

Copying Text in MS-DOS

Create a Shortcut to a Folder

Create a Shortcut to a Hard Drive

Create an Internet Shortcut

Create Desktop Wallpaper

Create Your Own Color-Scheme

Creating Multiple Shortcuts

Customize the Mouse

Customizing Sounds

Customizing the Startup Screen

Delete Without Confirmation

Disable AutoPlay

Drag and Print

Easily E-mail Documents

Eject a CD

Fast Shutdown

Find Out Your IP Address

Finding a File on a Network

Fix Computer Lockups

Fix Corrupted System Files

Fixing Stack Page Errors

Fixing Suspend Mode Lockup

Folder Toolbars

Format a Floppy Disk

Global View Options

Hide Desktop Icons

Hide the Taskbar

Hide the Taskbar Clock

High-Speed Internet Connections

Icon Information

Increase Computer Security

Internet Tools

Keep Up With Security Issues

Keeping Windows Updated

Learn About Cookies

List the Control Panel on the Start Menu

Maintain Your Computer

Make Your Mouse Left-Handed

Making More Disk Space

Making More Hard Drive Space

Memory Troubleshooter

Minimize All Windows

Move or Remove Start Menu Items

Notepad Word Wrap

NumLock Preferences

Open Files With Different Software

Open Windows Explorer

Power Saving Settings

Print Multiple Documents at Once

Print the Screen

Print Web Backgrounds

Printing Tip

Protect Your Computer From Viruses

Quickly Moving Files

Quickly Start Screensavers

Record a Sound

Recover a Deleted Item

Recovering a Deleted Item

Recycle Bin Settings

Removing Unused Fonts

Rename a Drive

Repairing Windows Icons

Set Wallpaper From Your Browser

Should I Leave My PC On?

Show File Extensions

Show Small Start Menu Icons

Sort the Start Menu

Speed Up Internet Downloads

Speed Up Windows

Start Programs When Windows Starts

Startup in Safe Mode


Switch Between Applications
System Information
The Taskbar
Transfer Files to a Floppy Disk
Troubleshooting Startup

Uninstall Successfully
Update Windows
Useful Run Commands
Using Clipboard Viewer
Using Dr. Watson
Using the Windows Key
View Free Space of Multiple Drives
View System Information
Viewing Folders as Web Pages
Windows Key Shortcuts
Working With the Start Menu

Mouse Tutorial

Library of Congress Listing of Tutorials

Listing of Tutorials by Library of Albany

Tutorial Search Engine

Jay Arochaich Photo Shop Tutorial

Music and Sounds for events on your system (starting windows, new mail, etc.

Out look Express Tutorial

Introduction Article for beginners to Internet

Front Page General 

Front Page Tutorial

Front Page working with Hyperlinks

Front Page XP 2002 Advanced

Adobe PhotoShop Retouching scanned Images

Adobe Photoshop Resizing and retouching


Smart Planet on-line certification, degrees, and general knowledge

Distance Learning

Web Monkey

University Alliance

Distance Learning on the Net

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc


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