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Microsoft Word Hotkeys

By Glenda Such

 Center your words on page

        CTRL and tap E for center


Align your words on left margin

        CTRL and tap L for left


Highlight your text in order to do something to it

SHIFT and tap right arrow for letter, keep holding down SHIFT and tapping arrow for more.

SHIFT CTRL and tap right arrow to do words, keep holding down CTRL and SHIFT and tapping right to do more words.

SHIFT and down arrow to do a line, repeat without letting go of the SHIFT for more lines.  If highlight ends mid sentence, add holding down CTRL and use right arrow to highlight the rest of the words.

        CTRL selects all text in document


To make letters Bold

        CTRL and tap B do the same to remove bold


To make letters Underlined

CTRL and tap U do the same thing to remove underline


To underline with a double line

        CTRL SHIFT and tap D


To make letters appear as italic

        CTRL and tap I, do the same action to take off italics


To make letters larger

        SHIFT CTRL and tap the period key, repeat to increase more


To make print smaller

        SHIFT CTRL and tap the comma, repeat to make smaller


To copy (after highlighting text)

        CTRL and tap C


To paste text into another place

        Place cursor in new location, then CTRL and tap V


To double space

        CTRL and tap 2


To single space

        CTRL 1


To save

        CTRL and tap S


To save as another name or location

        F12 then make appropriate choices


To Print

CTRL and tap P then hit enter, or change the number of copies then hit enter.


To Find and/or Replace a word

CTRL and tap F, type in the word and tap enter or if you want to replace, go to the replace in the same dialogue box, select and type in what you want the new word to be over the old word.  Go to replace once or replace all, which ever suits you.


To spell check

F7 and select correct word from suggestions then go to change button and enter or click, or go to ignore button and click or hit enter to say you are right and it is wrong.


To use Thesaurus (get other choices to words you are using

SHIFT and tap F7, then select correct meaning on first box on right, then select from alternative words on second box on right, then go to replace button and hit enter or click on it.


To go to top of document

        CTRL and tap HOME key (middle top in six pack)


To go to bottom of document

        CTRL and tap the END key (middle bottom in six pack)


To move cursor word by word

        CTRL and right or left arrow


To go to beginning of line

        HOME key


To go to end of a line

        END key


If you are inserting some words into a line and the other words start disappearing, tap the insert key, top left key on six-pack.