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Links to New York City Information, free online newspapers from all over the country, ways to look up prescriptions, words, addresses, and people, free electronic cards, animal food and treats, music to play,  low vision and blind resources, employment options, Jewish and Yiddish resources, hot keys for MS Word and Zoomtext, stores from all over, free tutorials and useful distance learning leads, search engine options to increase findings, etc.

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New York City, Food, Fun, and Living.

Locate: Word, Prescription, Zip,  Phone,  Addresses, Schedule, & more
Employment sources and resources

Directions: driving, subway, buses, walking

Low Vision and Blindness

Music and Humor

Zoomtext Program Hot Keys

Useful Services and such, NEW JUST StARTING
Newspapers and Journals

Health, Body and Mind

Stores and More
Microsoft Word Hot Keys
Animal Connections
Tutorials, How TO Do Its, and Distance Learning
Such Articles and Short Stories
Literature and Poetry

Tech Stuff:   Drivers, Manuals, Tips

Search Engines Accessible and Effective
Free Electronic Cards, Fun too
Food and Entertainment
Jewish and Yiddish
General Across the Board Resources
Feminist and Women's Rights
Games and Fun